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Send us a note if you are ready to try a different twist in hunting honkers - Windsock decoys with the look of a full-body presentation that will fit in the trunk of your car!  4 Sentries, 4 Feeders and 4 SideKick Decoys®, all with Armor-Flocked heads at an incredible introductory price of $144.99 plus S/H.  Available in very limited quantities.  Now available on the online store.

Branding Anser Decoys


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SideKick Promo Video

spread setup

The video link below is some raw footage.  What you will see in the picture above and video is the added dimension that our SideKick Decoy™ wind socks in a spread of standard body snow goose decoys.  The video was shot in sustained 10 – 12 MPH winds with some gusts over 20.  The view was from primarily straight downwind looking upwind.  As you will see in the video, the SideKick Decoys™ are riding perpendicular to the wind direction.  Most of them are in the center of the screen.  Realism counts these days and the addition of the SideKick Decoy™ into the rig gives that that added dimension to the spread to ramp up the realistic look of birds feeding contently in all directions – some facing right and some facing left.  Our SideKick Decoys™ are packaged with 6 right and 6 left facing per dozen.  Check out the video and see for yourself how SideKick Decoy™ from The ANSER Decoy Company can bring more realism to your field.